Compared with the RV908 to add the following features
1. supports HDMI 12 bit color input (need the sending cards TS901)

2. a 18-bit signal processing, maximum 18-bit (260,000) gray for red, green and blue

3. single card maximum support 1024X256 pixels, 1024-level single point of color correction

4. supporting single card color space conversion

5. support RCG file read-back

6. support program copy

7. support hot backup for dual receiver card, used for very more performance LED screen

8. support fault detection supports pixel (IC support required)

9. supports the network cable error test

10. supports the ribbon cable fault detection

11. supports the cabinet door monitoring

12. two fan speed monitoring

13. three-way voltage monitoring, system, two-way external enclosure power supply

14. temperature monitor

15. humidity control (to be purchased separately and humidity sensor)

16. smoke monitoring (to be purchased separately smoke module)

17. Passed the EU CE-EMC standard

1. TS802D sending card max supports 2048*1280

2. Supporting display mode: 640*480  800*600  1024*768  1280*768  1280*800 1280*1024 1440*800

    1600*1024 1920*1024 2048*1280

3. Sending card U/D port flexibility for carrying half width or half height

    For example, TS802 can max support 2048*1280 with two ports

    A single network output port supports 2048*320 or 1280*640

4. Sending card rotation function

    In Sender setting, sending card has 0, 90, 180, 270 degree rotation function

5. Sending card zoom in/out function

    In Sender setting, the ratio of width and height can be set to realize zoom in or zoom out

6. Supporting 10-bit colors 

    The eighth supports 10-bit colors: 1024*1024*1024=1073741824 kinds of colors. 

7. Multi-display synchronous and combination functions.

    One sending card can control multi-displays, realizing displays combination, synchronous display, and  

    independent play

1. Integrated audio signal transmission, no external audio amplifier line, direct access function card 
2. 256 grade automatic brightness adjustment 
3. Monitoring led screen temperature and humidity in Real-time
4. Displaying the current temperature and humidity on led screen
5. Smoke detection,(need to install the smoke probe)
6. Power On/Off the power of led screen remotely
7. Control the led screen's fan and air-conditioning switcher
    automatically through the temperature

TF-BUS-U1/U2 is a button-on-demand controller. 
1. Output available for LED modules with;
    HUB08 interface - 2 pieces
    HUB12 interface - 4 pieces

2. Support maximum 640*64 pixels
3. Update the programs -> interface RS232 or USB
4. 6 programs can be used button-on-demand

5.  TF-BUS-U1/U2 technical information

Power Led 2 89 4
RAR bestand – 35.4 MB 151 downloads